“The free flow of information, the right of every individual”

“The free flow of information, the right of every individual”

US First Lady Michelle Obama visited the University in Beijing, where she talked to students, and at the same time pointed out that the free flow of information makes people and the state stronger, and that it should be universal right of every individual.
Like in a real world, it is so important that the information and ideas flow freely, over the Internet and through the media as well. She mentioned that she and her husband and receive a lot of questions and criticisms of their (American) media and their citizens, and that is not always easy to keep that kind of atmosphere in the country. Although it is the basic if democratic society, and it is the most difficult to save, she would not trade it for anything in the world. Freedom of a press is the most important part in every society. Sometimes that is also the most difficult thing to conserve.133204591_13953974604181n
News should be the voice of people; it should affect our mind to look deeper in the heart of things. There shouldn’t be any kind of censorship. If forbid freedom of the press we have forbidden a freedom of the speech.

Since Jean Jack Rousseau the rights of the citizen have existed, they fought for our rights and the truth. They succeed to allow human to be free, the only thing that one citizen should renounce is the violence. In the news we should find all kind of truths but never offences. We should respect the right of others, we say all without offending and insulting anybody.

Twitter-newsThe other part of the news should be its accuracy; something is valuable, if it is accurate. Old news maybe isn’t valuable anymore. For example if we are talking about some law or amendment we should be aware of the fact that the law is like everything else changeable and we should always keep the step up with those changes. Information should be always fresh and brand new.
When we are talking about events, you should describe these in the best possible way so your audience can get a real picture of it. Make sure that they get all the required information about it, exact date,shutter_140035843-photojournalism-photographers-multimedia place or how many people participated to the event or social meeting. The more information you give them the more they will be satisfied.
Whether we are talking about the information or events and anything else that news should provide you, the most important thing is to be truthful or trustworthy. Once you lose their trust there is no coming back. So if you really want to work with news sticks to this main rule. You don’t want to be declaimed as so called tabloids. Yes they can earn money but not the trust.

Truthful information is a quality one. Finally try to respect all kinds of freedoms because you don’t want to end up like a French popular magazine “Hebdomaire” – you can’t know how much the other part is sensitive.

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It has already been written a lot about this topic. Like everything in the life there are two sides of it. They invented all kind of modern technology in purpose to make our lives easier. But like everything else this can, was and will be abused.

Let’s see for example mobile phones. We all know for what we should use them but sometimes we can’t let them out of our hand. Why is that so? How does it become a distraction? It is like a toy without we can’t live any more. We moved our focus from conversation with people in person to chatting with them in some kind of chatter box.

viziotouchnotebookLaptops This is one very useful device. For people who are working and so called freelancers this is a life saver. Your personal tool with you can work in any kind of situations, everywhere: in a café or in the restaurant or even in the train or any other kind of transport. You must admit marvelous thing. So where are the disadvantages of this product? Well, it is very simple. Sometimes it isn’t so good to have more than one option if you aren’t strong enough you can be distracted by this multiple choices. For example you are doing some kind of translation and you need a meaning of one word and that word sounded you very interesting so you decided to so some research about its roots, and suddenly you find yourself wasting your time on something that isn’t your current job.

Cable TV
There is nothing better than resting in your couch and watching your favorite movie after a hard day on work. But what if you have more than tv_with_cableone hundred channels? You will spend more than 20minutes on searching appropriate content, and you will get along herewith me it is just wasting of time. Not to mention the humans force enemies’ remote controller. We become so lazy because that little thing that they even invented the expression ‘couch potato”. How that could be good for our medical health? Our physical condition can be ruined by such a little thing. Of course I am not finding excuses for laziness but human is a very easy to be spoiled being and this is the last thing that we need.

Cellphone camera
The good side of it, you can take really good pictures like a pro’ …phone-camera-megapixelbeautiful landscapes captured by your proper eye and hand, and what about self-camera. Finally you don’t have to ask somebody to take a picture of you while you are on a vacation. You can do it all by yourself. They even invented ‘’cheese’’ option; you just pronounce that word and your cellphone will all done for you in a second. Isn’t that just beautiful? And we have a bunch of people walking around and trying to catch the best angle or the best position for their facial appearance, and none of this one thousand and one shot is good enough for the owner of the cellphone.

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Television and what’s new

Television and what’s new

Since the first days it was invented, television became a big part of everyday life, a fun way to learn something new, hear the 525486b8dbfa3f2d3c00fc5d._w.320_h.238_s.fit_latest news or simply entertain yourself and spend your free time. Keeping yourself updated is the main purpose of the television of course and that is why our elders love to spend time in front of a TV. Younger people however use it mainly for entertainment, watching their favorite TV shows, movies or science shows, TV programs are numerous and you can probably find something you like among them, however if you miss an episode or the beginning of the movie, you can’t rewind or pause your show if you have something important to do in the meantime. That is why people started visiting online websites to watch the episodes they didn’t watch and choose a movie of their own taste. The problem with this websites is that they offer a lot of pop-up advertisements that can be annoying or they have Chinese subtitles, not so great resolution and many other shortcomings. The first thing that occupied the public attention when it showed up was Netflix, the biggest and the only one that is good and legal provider of streaming media content via the Internet. It’s services are not expensive and you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows whenever you want, wherever you want. Only in year 2011 Netflix had about 20 million registered clients and that only from the United States.

The news are that Netflix finally started providing its service all around the globe not just in America. This Internet TV Network recently added one hundred and thirty countries to their list and became a multinational company. Other than this, like it is not enough, they introduced more languages to their website, including Chinese and Korean, way to go Netflix!


Other than their newly introduced possibility of access from all around the World, Netflix has more new things to offer.marvel New TV series and movies are broadcasted every day. If you decided you want to try Netflix, here are a few propositions of what is new in the world of Netflix, since it is known that the 2016 will be a year of outstanding cinematography. Narcos – This original Netflix’s TV show is broadcasting for a whole year, and you are here just in time for a season two, watch the first season and enjoy waiting for another. Few more thing that will maybe be interesting to you are surely MARVEL and DC movies such as Deadpool, the highly anticipated movie Batman Vs Superman: The Dawn of Justice, Captain America: Civil War, and of course The Suicide Squad, the favorite of villain lovers and Margot Robbie fans. Besides, register to Netflix and browse their content, they will also recommend the similar TV shows and movies based on your taste and your movie reviews.

Now that you know that you can watch your favorite television content via the Internet, sit behind your computer, lap top, tablet or a smart TV, and enjoy the shows.

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Migrant crisis: Germany, Austria and Hungary have problems with the migrants

Migrant crisis: Germany, Austria and Hungary have problems with the migrants

Immigration must be strictly regulated in the social system because Germany Immigration desperately needs more people (of all profiles) in its labour market. It’s not just about the financial burden of social and city coffers. Hostile immigration populists are in almost all neighboring countries of Germany, Austria and Hungary – and they became a very important political factor.

There is hardly any country in the EU that needs immigration as much as Germany does. This is mainly due to the aging of the population and the low birth rate. But migrants are not only an BN-KD912_0904MI_H_20150904111947emergency solution in the face of demographic developments. With immigration may also raise a new Germany, which is more versatile and adaptable to meet the challenges of a globalized world?! Traditional immigration countries like Australia, Canada and the United States have it in the 21st century lighter than insular nations – like Japan.

In Germany, the number of foreigners has increased in the past year from 6.8 to more than 7.5 million people, although at the same time disappeared nearly 114,000 naturalized immigrants from these statistics. 2013 went further to these developments. Spaniards, Greeks, Portuguese and Italians gone from their troubled homelands – there are mostly just the immigrants, according to whom the economy craves in Germany: well-educated, ambitious young people without too much cultural distance to the new environment.

These governments have heard the expert’s advice against too much complacency. With a large group of employees from many countries of origin of the labour, market researcher has released a voluminous manual for Migration Economics. What works well at his institute is the recruitment and integration of productive migrants from Greece, US, Israel, China and India.

Migrants protest from inside a train at the railway station in the town of BicskeWhen it comes to immigration into the social systems, the various world researchers give the all clear. In Europe, Ireland, UK, Sweden and Slovakia have had experiences with the unregulated influx of Eastern Europeans from the new EU member countries since of 2004. Despite all the differences of social systems, there has been no visible abuse on a massive scale – the researchers Authors Gianluca Pieceti and John Freeman wrote: Most people “came to a regular working day, and not to claim all sorts of additional rights.”

And her colleague Richard French broke, besides its activity as professor at the American University in Bulgaria, has stated it out that the increased migration in Europe was not only a result of the current crisis, but also an antidote: The Migration concern for better Distribution of workers on jobs within Europe and so far “a greater interest for innovation, better use of resources and thus higher productivity”. Europe as a whole, loses its classic location disadvantage compared to the US, where high labor mobility is self-evident. These are real day problems of the real and emerging migrant crisis. This can represent a portal to a new era or a trigger to new world order disaster, whose results can be very unpredictable.

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Upcoming movies of 2016

Entertainment is a fundamental part of our society. While we’re not working, we usually aim to be entertained. Whether it be from sport events, games or watching TV, our brains demand constant entertainment so that we don’t get bored.Movie-Releases

One of the most frequently used forms of entertainment are movies. Movies impact society greatly and there are a lot of different kinds of movies. There is nobody who could say that they hate movies. There is a genre for everyone.

The year of 2016 is one of the best years regarding movies. There is so much hype going on over the upcoming films and it’s not for nothing.
Today we will go over a few of the upcoming movies and talk what they are about, so if you’re interested in learning something new, stick around.
First of all, this one is for all of you gamers around the world, long awaited Warcraft movie is coming out.

For those who don’t know, this movie is about the story from which were created all the Warcraft video games. It’s about two races, humans and orcs, fighting side by side for survival, against evil orcs. This movie is of course set in a fictional world of Azeroth, for more info just go and watch a trailer, you won’t be disappointed. Blizzard is a company trusted by millions and if this movie fails, they have a lot to lose. So be sure that this movie will be a masterpiece.


deadpool-promopicIf you’re a fan of superheroes, marvel characters or DC universe, this year will be your absolute favorite. Some of the movies with a release date in 2016 are ”Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”, ”Deadpool” and ”X-men: apocalypse”
From this selection of superheroes, we find Deadpool most intriguing. This movie is going to be rated R. Meaning it will only be suitable for mature audience older than 17 years old. This means the movie will contain frequent and strong language, violence, scenes containing nudity for sexual purposes and drug use.
If you don’t know who Deadpool is, he is a guy with a great sense of humor, paid assassin and almost an unkillable being due to his high regenerative powers. This Kung-Fu-Panda-3_poster_goldposter_com_17movie will certainly keep you on your toes, so if you get the time, make sure you watch it.

If you’re a fan of animated movies, here comes Finding Dory ( Finding nemo2 ), The jungle Book, Kung Fu Panda 3, Moana and more.
Awesome comedies haven’t been forgotten in the year of 2016, so on 15th of January, move called Rind Along 2 came out, Ride along 1 was also a great movie so if you haven’t make sure you watch it first. Other than Ride Along, Dirty Grandpa is coming out on 22nd of January as well.
All in all, this is going to be an amazing year for film lovers all around the world. If you want to enjoy them fully, make sure you visit 3D cinemas and experience them to their full potential.

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Ukraine and Syria: Prelude to the new war?

Ukraine and Syria: Prelude to the new war?

In the last years there were many moments of constant fear of nuclear war. Tensions were never high as they are now when it comes to the relations of the East and West. These minor conflicts can represent a prelude to another war just as the Moroccan crisis was for World War I or the Anschluss for World War II. Our world does not face a greater threat than it does today. This threat comes from ourselves and if we do not learn this lesson quickly, then we will have to learn it through fire, blood and anguish.

There isn’t peace where two political streams are confronting each other. That sort of scenario happened in Ukraine where half of the population was for the support of the EU and NATO and the other was for Russian politics and closer integration with Russia. Result of all of this was series of large protests and riots and from that moment , war rages throughout Ukraine. There wasn’t a serious government formation since then.

Ukraine as a country and as a nation is thriving itself into the mud and disaster because it is torn apart between the East and the West. Its policy of neutralization is gone. Ukraine has to decide. If someone else solve this problem in the name of the Ukrainian people then some serious problems can catch up fire.Mideast Syria

Problems with Syria were much more of a complex nature. Syria is a country in a serious economic transition for a long time period. Its government under Bashar Al Assad has been providing tough ground when it comes to holding its position up. Syria by that definition is a perfect place to set up a revolution. This revolution won’t bring freedom because they already have freedom there, it won’t bring jobs because there won’t be any workplace after the war is done and it can only bring the spillovers and spread death to neighboring countries. This is exactly what is happening and the reason isn’t known. People are dying in vain not knowing that their ideals are just bunch of lies and stories that were told to kids.

Syria_Israel_ThumbnailAlthough, Syria did show us useful lesson how people shouldn’t behave. Their tough laws should make us happy over ours and their war-torn country should make us happy because we have warm beds and safe place under the sun to sleep. Stopping the war now is a simple fairytale. Killings will continue until Syria destroys its economy and bring down its population to zero. That is only prediction that I can make when I look back to 5 years of destruction, murder, mass killings, terrorism etc. No signs of peace talks were recorded since then.

The worst of all these situations can represent a spark which some madman can easily blew into fire. Somebody’s idea of a great country or maybe global domination can provide a real destruction to our modern world and bring an end to the modern civilization.

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