7 days 20 of 52 Topic: “Sports” Rain Delay – HDR

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Week 20 of 52 Theme:

I’m sport for actively playing in the mud, who’s with me?… seven shot HDR with a 70-300mm on a Gorillapod Emphasis.
See my weblog entry about this shot below: newd7000user.wordpress.com/2013/06/twelve/7 days-20-of-52-topic…

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Not the Sports activities Network

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Not the Sports Network

ESPN GP18 #1804 rests at the south close of the Perkiomen Department in Pennsburg. This previous New York, Susquehanna & Western engine was obtained by the East Penn a few of decades in the past and is now employed on the Perkiomen Department. A handful of days a 7 days, they run from Pennsburg up to the interchange with Norfolk Southern at Emmaus Junction. Joining the 1804 is previous Conrail GP10 7554, which operated below completely for the superior part of the final 10 years.

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