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Workers Launch Strike At ‘Point Blank Body Armor’ Factory Following Retaliatory Firings,

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Point Blank introduced their Alpha Elite Series soft body armor at the 2013 IACP conference in Philadelphia and started shipping the armor in early-2014. This extremely scalable, side-opening carrier enables tactical units the flexibility to configure the body armor method to meet mission-distinct requires. With the Interceptor physique armor, E-SAPI plates (10.9 pounds), ESBIs (7.75 pounds), DAPS (5.03 pounds) and with the neck, throat and groin protectors installed the armor is drastically heavier at 33.1 pounds (15 kg). In 1973, with the invention of Kevlar® for use in soft body armor, the Enterprise quickly saw its life-saving potential. This is lighter than the previous Ranger Physique Armor fielded in Somalia which weighed 25.1 pounds (11.4 kg).

The OTV options a carrier shell, and three principal ballistic panel inserts (left and suitable side panels, and a rear back panel), which are made with a finely woven Kevlar KM2 fiber. And never neglect that in 2005, the Marine Corps Times published an write-up that exposed the sale and subsequent recall of a lot more than 23,000 defective vests (PDF file) manufactured by DHB Industries – vests that had been issued to Marines even even though DHB and the Pentagon knew they had been defective.

Manufacturing excellence and small business longevity have positioned Point Blank as the most distinguished, heritage brand of physique armor. With two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Florida, we regularly provide the highest top quality physique armor systems in the world by driving innovation and constantly exceeding consumer expectations. Outstanding consumer service is key to Point Blank’s achievement and central to its small business technique. Counterfeit Point Blank items could have potentially deadly consequences for unsuspecting purchasers. LA Police Gear also does reserve the right to refuse to sell physique armor to any person.

Military spending in the United States accounts for at least $600 billion a year ( some calculations place the number at much more than $1.4 trillion annually). Right after initially using the OTV as their main body armor system, the U.S. Marine Corps developed a entirely new armor technique, the Modular Tactical Vest , which was their key physique armor program in Iraq.

Federal LE Plate Carrier: Is creatively developed to deliver unmatched comfort, protection and flexibility to meet the desires of every mission. On September 25, 2006, the Marine Corps announced that Protective Products International won a contract for 60,000 new Modular Tactical Vests (MTV) to replace the Interceptor OTV vests. Other Navy personnel on Person Augmentee assignments use the Army’s physique armor systems.

Craig Mallak told a military panel in 2003 that he was conducting autopsies on every single member of the armed solutions killed in Iraq in part to assess the body armor. Clifford Yarbrough, who served with the 3rd Special Forces group in Afghanistan, told The Times that his unit, along with other Unique Forces and the Delta Forces, had been issued titanium plates. The consequence of these dealings has been disastrous for our troops in harms way , too quite a few of whom, without having enough or correctly manufactured body armor, ended up paying the ultimate price.